Artist Stories: Tina Davies

14 Aug 2018

Another artist working in our unusual studio in Hove is Tina Davies who is a painter and potter. She uses a very different technique and explains how she has approached transforming her Snail.

“I’m being sponsored by Martlets Care. The Martlets is really special to me – I have visited the hospice a number of times and know people who have spent time there so I’m really happy to be involved with Snailspace.


I paint using the tips of my fingers to make a range of marks. I trained as a potter, so I was used to getting my hands into whatever I was doing and then I went on a life-drawing course where you had to paint with your feet, fingers, a bamboo stick – anything but a brush. For me, it really made sense so that’s what I’ve done ever since. When you paint with your fingers it allows you to get closer to your subject and you can feel your way into it.


I love gardening and flowers and I’ve been inspired to paint poppies on my snail as they reflect the ephemeral nature of life. Poppies are so fragile looking yet have the resilience to grow almost anywhere. They are self-seeding and the cycle of life carries on – that’s what I wanted to represent. There’s a lovely field of poppies up at the back of the Brighton Amex stadium which is really worth visiting over the summer.


Poppies don’t last for long and they are a reminder about being in the moment. A snail does that as well, it lives life at a slower pace and we can learn so much from that way of being. I try to be mindful and live my life that way so painting a snail feels appropriate!”


See Tina’s Snail on the Snailway in September.

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