Brighton College get our Snails ‘Snailfie’ Ready

5 Nov 2018

Brighton College pupils got our Snails ‘Snailfie’ ready on Make a Difference Day 2018.

Last month we hosted our Snail Selfie Challenge event which saw teams of Snailspace sponsors and Brighton businesses race through the city. They competed to take the most ‘Snailfies’ with the most Snails in under two hours. Certainly, the teams looked great – many arrived in fancy dress or with flash props – but would the Snails be ready for their (many) close ups?

Consequently, teams of wonderful and committed volunteers from Snailspace sponsors Brighton College scrubbed up and made it their business to beautify our Snails. So, dedicated pupils made their way along the Snailway with buckets and sponges, washing and polishing each of our Snails. And all of this was just in time for the Snail Selfie Challenge!

The pupils were taking part in this unusual but generous Snail activity as part of Make a Difference Day. This is an annual event that aims to encourage each of us to take advantage of small everyday chances to change the world around us for the better.

It’s great to see people from all over Brighton and Hove come together behind our Snailspace campaign. Above all, they are helping to make the campaign an even bigger success whilst supporting Martlets.

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