Joy as pupils meet Geo at The Towers

22 Mar 2018

Our Mascot Snail ‘Geronmio’ is used to raising smiles wherever he goes, but he literally had pupils jumping for joy when he paid a visit to Snailspace sponsor, The Towers, in Upper Beeding last week. The Towers will be part of the Snailway with their own giant snail sculpture, which will be accompanied by a smaller snail, decorated by the pupils, as part of the Learners Programme.

Headmistress, Clare Trelfa, pictured above, explained why the school wanted to get involved in this autumn’s Snailspace art event:

“We were lucky enough to host a snow dog for a couple of weeks (courtesy of the Gillespie family). It was such a delightful attraction for the pupils and great promotion for the school and Martlets, that we would like to be involved in Snailspace.”

She also explained why the #BeMoreSnail motto appealed to the school’s ethos and values:

“The Towers is a large family with approximately 200 pupils, in which each person plays an important role. Our community is vibrant and bustling with opportunities for self-development, a haven for happy, confident pupils to flourish and blossom. Pupils can grow into “their own skin” and be recognised for their achievements – whatever they may be. We feel that this fits very well with the mindfulness message of #BeMoreSnail. Visitors are consistently bowled over by our warm, calm and purposeful environment, within which everyone is known and loved. We are very grateful to the Gillespie family, who are sponsoring our snail”

Well, judging by the reaction to our ‘Geo’, there’s no doubt that The Towers snail is going to be very well loved.

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