Giant African Land Snail Meets Geronimo

20 Oct 2018

Lots of Snail Seekers have been sending us photos of their pets meeting our Snails, we’ve seen lots of cute dogs, and even a cat sitting happily between The Brightonian’s antennae! You can see these by following the #BeMoreSnail hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

But the prize for most unusual Snail/Pet combination must go to Annette, aka @AnnieRat1 on Twitter, who took her Giant African Land Snails to meet one of our giant Snails and tweeted the results.

On a rainy day at the end of September, Annette took her snails down to The Level to meet Geronimo. They appeared to have a great time sliding all over Geronimo’s head, and Geronimo seemed very pleased to meet them!

Referring to our #BeMoreSnail campaign, Annette said, “I think if they could speak, judging by the looks on their faces, they would have said ‘And exactly how much more snail do you think it can teach us to be?!’”

Giant African Land Snail’s are one of the world’s largest land snails. They can live for up to 10 years and grow to 20cm long. Not quite as huge as our mighty molluscs, but pretty super-sized for a snail!

We love seeing people from all walks of life getting out on the Snailway and meeting our Snails.

You can read about the cycling-centenarian Snail Seeker HERE and the royal (almost) Snail Seekers HERE.

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