Greenacre Recycling Ltd sign up to Snailway

21 Feb 2018

Established in 1996 by husband and wife team, Jim and Beth Malyan, Greenacre Recycling Ltd is the latest business to sign up as a Snailspace sponsor and claim its place on the Snailway this autumn. With its green credentials, at least 90% of all the waste they remove is recycled, sponsoring a snail makes perfect sense for this thriving waste removal company.

Speaking about why they wanted to get involved in the Snailspace campaign, Beth Malyan said:

“We have always supported local charities and especially the Martlets as they have helped my family through some difficult times. Sadly, I lost my dad last year and although he didn’t make it into Martlets, he would have wanted to give something back. We loved the Snowdogs and once we heard about the snails we knew we had to have one. My dad would have loved it.”

Jim Malyan also has a close connection to Brighton’s local hospice. He explained:

“A very good friend of mine was also cared for by the Hospice last year and this really made me want to give something back and the snails seemed a great way to do it. Also, sometimes skip companies don’t have the best reputation and we wanted people to see that we are a caring company that always acts professionally for both our domestic and commercial customers. We hope that by sponsoring a snail people will see this side of us.”

“It is also important to us that our customers understand our commitment to the environment. We make sure that at least 90% of all the waste we remove is recycled. All the materials we recover are brought back to our recycling centre in Newhaven where they are separated and then recycled. It would be great if our snail had some kind of link to that.”

You can find out more about sponsorship or get in touch with Sarah Harvey who’s our Project Manager.

Martlets, Wayfield Avenue, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7LW
Registered charity number 802145
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