Brighton’s biggest ISP sponsors ‘groovy’ snail to spread mental health message

9 Jul 2018

We’re delighted to announce that Fastnet are an official Snailspace sponsor and have chosen to sponsor the ‘Feeling Groovy’ snail which has been created by local artist Pinky.

Fastnet were born in Brighton 23 years ago in 1995 and currently provide internet services to thousands of organisations locally and beyond.

“We’re as rooted here as any Brighton business is and the city is verymuch a part of our identity.” Says MD Joe Kerr: “Snailspace gives us an opportunity to do something great for an amazing Brighton-based charity,whilst at the same time taking part in a huge collaborative effort along side some of our friends and partners.”

“We interpret #bemoresnail to be a message about reducing stress in day to day life. Fastnet prides itself on providing reliable, stress free services to organisations who need peace of mind. We provide uninterrupted connectivity at the best possible speeds, hosting, VoIP, security and backup solutions. By maintaining our award winning standards, our customers are able to #bemoresnail and concentrate on the things that matter.”

We can’t wait to see their snail on the Snailway in September.

Martlets, Wayfield Avenue, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7LW
Registered charity number 802145
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