Inca Snail Meets the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

10 Oct 2018

Brighton and Hove were abuzz with excitement on Wednesday as the city prepared for the first official visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan came to see the Royal Pavilion and city charity Survivors’ Network on their very first visit to the city since their wedding.

Here at Snailspace HQ we were equally excited! We knew that Inca Snail, sponsored by Graves Son and Pilcher and designed by ART + BELIEVE, was sitting directly in the path of the royal route!

We had #BeMoreSnail team members camped out with cameras at the ready, whilst everyone at the office waited with bated breath to see if the royal couple would stop and ask about our brightly-coloured massive mollusc.

Unfortunately, the duke and duchess’ packed schedule left little time for them to #BeMoreSnail and notice the giant Snail in their path.

Some Snail Seekers even found their own Snail spotting thwarted! The royal convoy obstructed access to Inca and prevented some from getting at the unlock code for the Snailspace App.

However, Inca Snail seemed to love being in the spotlight. After being photographed with BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood in the morning, he was at the centre of the media circus all day.

He must be the most photographed Snail on the Snailway after his brush with greatness – he even appeared on BBC News as an eye-catching backdrop to the royal visit!

All hail Inca, superstar Snail!

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