Mini Goldie’s Big Adventure

22 Oct 2018

You might have met Goldie, our big gold Snail in the Laines, but did you know about Mini Goldie?

Goldie’s sponsors, Brighton College have been tweeting about the adventures of Mini Goldie as he explores Brighton.

So far, Mini Goldie has been pictured going for a stroll by the pond in Queen’s Park, hitching a ride on (big) Goldie’s shell, helping the groundskeeper of Brighton College to keep the grass looking fresh, and even reading up on the history of the British royal family in preparation for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit to Sussex.

Students from Brighton College have also been out on the Snailway, donating their time and effort to keep our Snails looking shiny and new.

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the adventures of Mini Goldie and would like one of your own? You can purchase a figurine, and a range of other Snailspace merchandise, from our online shop, from our Snailspace Pop Up in Churchill Square, or from most Martlets charity shops.

If you still don’t have enough gold in your life after all of that, you can treat yourself and a friend (or just yourself, twice) to a 2-4-1 special Snailspace Gold Bar gelato from Boho Gelato. Get the reward by downloading our Snailspace App and unlocking Goldie using the unique code on his plaque.

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