Nick Sharratt helps Carlton Hill School jump for Joy

20 Jun 2018

Snailspace Learners Ambassador and award-winning illustrator, Nick Sharratt, took on an unusual challenge yesterday. He spent the afternoon at Carlton Hill School, Brighton teaching the children, from reception to Year 5 how to draw themselves ‘jumping for joy’.

Every school taking part in the Junior Snailway entered a prize draw to ‘win’ a visit from Nick. Carlton Hill School were the lucky winners and they’ve been working with him to come up with a creative idea for decorating their snail.

Beth Hornsby, Year 3 teacher and art co-ordinator at Carlton Hill School explains more:

“We loved the Snowdogs and so really wanted to take part in the Snailspace project. It’s a fantastic way to bring creativity into the curriculum and we love the fact that our children can go and see their work exhibited as part of this citywide exhibition. But, we weren’t sure how we were going to decorate our snail. The only thing we knew is that we wanted to include every child in the school (210). So, when we found out we’d ‘won’ the visit from Nick we took inspiration from some of his characters and talked to him about how we could bring some of his style to our snail. In particular, I loved an image of many his most well-known characters jumping for joy.”

Nick continues: “In talking to Beth we decided that it would be fantastic to get every child in the school to create a self-portrait showing them jumping for joy, as many of my characters do. I do lots of draw-a-long sessions and find that even young children can easily follow along. I’m going to show how to draw a few of my favourite characters and then it’ll be over to them to draw themselves. I think the final snail will be fantastic and can’t wait to see it.”

The children’s self-portraits will be photocopied and reduced in size to make sure that every single one of them can be pasted onto the snail. Once they’ve all been cut out and stuck on a few coats of varnish will ensure it is robust enough to be on display for the duration of the trail.

Carlton Hill’s snail will be one of 58 junior snails on show in the city in the autumn. They are going to be a brilliant addition to the 50 giant snails sneaking into the city in September. Don’t miss them.

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