Supermodel Snails on Local Magazine Covers

26 Oct 2018

Our Snails looking great out in the city, but they’re also gracing the covers of local mags!

Artist and illustrator Illona Clark created Home Sweet Home who was featured on the cover of Poets Pages. Home Sweet Home is inspired by the concept of home truly being where the heart is.

The Leaf Hunt Competition

Snailspace artist Jo Moore and her design for The Leaf Snail Hunt also featured in the issue. This Snail is cleverly painted to feature lots of little snails hiding amongst the leaves. You might try to correctly guess how many little snails are hiding on the giant Snail and tweet your answer to Snailspace sponsor Yeomans Nissan. As a result, you could be in with the chance of winning a Snail figurine to paint yourself.

Mr Watts (or Mr ‘Watt’s at the bottom of the garden’ to give him his full name) featured on the cover of The Kemptown Rag. Created by artist Judith Berrill, he was inspired by the mysterious places at the far end of our gardens. Certainly, this is where lots of snails are often to be found. Most noteworthy is the wonderful poem by David Attree that this Snail features. The poem aims to remind all of us of the wisdom of changing our pace to #BeMoreSnail.

Fast Forward the Mixtape Snail was also given pride of place on the cover of West Hove Directory. Similarly, Persephone was proudly placed on the front of Hove Park Living. While Felicity went for the double and looked fantastic on the covers of both the Hanover Directory and Queens Park Living.

We love seeing how the whole community has taken our Snails to their hearts. Have you spotted any other SNAILtastic cover stars we might have missed?

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