The Return of ‘A Spin Around Brighton’

24 Oct 2018

After a month of cheering up busy London commuters at Victoria Station, ‘A Spin Around Brighton’ has finally returned home! This eclectic Snail was designed and painted by Lauren Nickless. It features the unusual characters, architecture, wildlife and festivities of our unique city.

On Friday, ‘A Spin Around Brighton’ made the journey to its new home in Bartholomew Square. As a result, it will no doubt be photobombing numerous wedding photoshoots outside Brighton Town Hall! Its sponsors Visit Brighton tweeted about the Snail’s epic journey from capital to coast throughout Thursday afternoon. They suggested that the travel-loving tourist Snail visited the Queen at Buckingham Palace, and made a quick stop at the London Eye, before returning to Brighton.

Visit Brighton also shared photos (photoshopped we hope!) of ‘A Spin Around Brighton’ flying over the Ouse Valley Viaduct. Not to mention chilling amongst the greenery at Kew Gardens.

After arriving in Brighton, the Snail was pictured visiting ‘Poppy’ in Preston Park. We must assume they became firm friends back at Snailspace HQ. Finally, the travelling Snail was greeted by the Mayor and settled into place.

‘A Spin Around Brighton’ arrived back in town just in time to be a part of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Snail’s Pace Marathon’. We think this migratory mollusc will soon be visited by many Snail Seekers who’ve been eagerly waiting to unlock their fiftieth Snail in the Snailspace App.

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